CELTA by Adriana Ciobotu

14 Aug

CELTA by Adriana Ciobotu

Date: August 14, 2019

For me CELTA was indeed a great opportunity because it funnelled my creativity, it helped me grow tremendously, both personally and professionally and it made me more aware of my teaching which has become much more meaningful and successful as a result of the CELTA experience. In my view this is CELTA explained:

Challenges Overcome
Enthusiasm Shared
Life-long learning chance
Teaching Tips & Tricks
Achieving Goals

Challenges overcome with the aid of hard work, determination and the unconditional guidance and support of the two wonderful tutors, Georgiana Bose and Nicoleta Dinescu to whom I will forever be grateful;

Enthusiasm shared with my fellow teachers who offered me emotional support and were extremely open to sharing their teaching experiences with me. They also suggested the best ways to improve my teaching during the feedback sessions.

A Life-long learning opportunity because of the new approaches to teaching we were exposed to while re-visiting the old ones with more knowledgeable eyes and acquiring new skills that would improve my practical teaching skills.

Teaching Tips and Tricks because CELTA is practice at its best; the teaching moments were indeed my favourites because not only do you teach in front of the students but also in front of your peers and assessors which makes the experience even more enriching due to the constructive feedback sessions organised after your teaching lesson. The experience is priceless; to be able to have your teaching shaped and enriched by true professionals makes all the effort worthwhile.

Achieving Goals – I think that the way this programme is particularly organised contributes to its overall success; the teaching sessions occur in the morning (two weeks teaching intermediate students and two weeks teaching upper-intermediate students) and are closely followed by the feedback sessions; after lunch, the afternoons are dedicated to the “theoretical” lessons delivered by the mentors which leaves the evenings and weekends for written assignments. Through their own teaching, the mentors reveal not only essential information in a very flexible, pragmatic and entertaining way but they also provide extremely useful and rich teaching tips which you can emulate and bring in class for your next lesson. I think this is the best part of the programme; the fact that each and every moment represents a learning opportunity and it is up to you to recognize it and make the best of it! It was because of this that I achieved my goals of becoming a better-informed, more knowledgeable, more mature and more playful teacher. My students thank CELTA every day!