Shakespeare School – Best Cambridge English Exam Preparation Centre in Romania

Shakespeare School is the Best Cambridge English Exam Preparation Centre in Romania located in Bucharest. It was founded in 2002 and rapidly developed to be one of the best English learning centres in Romania.

Why the Best Cambridge English Exam Preparation Centre in Romania

Because we offer the full range of Cambridge English exams and each year we register hundreds of candidates to sit Cambridge exams with excellent results, which means that we comply with all the standards of Cambridge University, and we are commited to high-aimed development programs.

We have vast expertise in teacher Training Courses. Our programme, “Bright Teachers”, consists in workshops for English teachers, aiming to increase the quality of English courses in public schools.

Being The Best Cambridge English Exam Preparation Centre in Romania is an honour and a constant challenge at the same time, a challenge to provide outstanding services and results. Shakespeare School has extensive experience in teaching young adults using an original teaching method, very interactive and efficient, based on the Multiple Intelligence Theory developed by Harvard professor Howard Gardner.

We are also very much into charity and founded Shakespeare School Association for Education. In 2013 we launched a national educational movement to bring English to disadvantaged children through our volunteering programme, “English for Life”.

Shakespeare School in numbers

  • Over 3000 students every year
  • A great team of 38 teachers, really passionate about their profession
  • 4 centers in Bucharest
  • 17 years of activity

More than a language centre. Shakespeare School facts:

  • Committed to offering high quality services
  • Highest standards in rigor, educational practices and up to date research on ESL theory and practice
  • Focus on performance and relationship at the same time
  • Friendly team to guide you
  • Warm atmosphere

Our aim is to offer you the most effective and pleasant learning experience!

We are proud to be The Best Cambridge English Exam Preparation Centre in Romania. And we love teaching you to teach English!


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“This course will be really useful when I go back to school and I hope my students will benefit from all I have learned.”

Marta J., Spain

“Although very intense, the CELTA course has to be where I have learned the most about teaching.”

Diana Graur, Romania

“I honestly can’t imagine teaching without the knowledge I’ve gained through the CELTA training.”

Ramona Ivan, Romania